Elkhart is a modern American restaurant located at 300 E. Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri by Chef and Owner Drake Tillman.

When trying to come up with a name for the restaurant, we felt it was important to name it after the building's history. The name Elkhart comes from a connection to Elkhart, Indiana, the hometown of a Dr. Franklin L Miles who founded Miles Laboratories and was said to have been connected to a pharmacy that operated out of the building on Commercial Street in the early 1900s, including utilizing an underground storage cellar that was unearthed during early construction and will serve as our private dining room. The connection to another small midwest town speaks to the second industrial revolution that pushed America forward in the areas of medicine and technology in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The word Elkhart also invokes imagery of wild game and nature, which are very central to our ideals and aesthetic at the restaurant.


Elkhart will focus on serving modern, vegetable forward cuisine in an approachable and affordable fashion. Elements of the restaurant's design will take inspiration from Scandinavia but will be focused on Missouri, using as much native wood and stone as possible. We will also be growing different varieties of native plants on site, particularly in the alcoves throughout the dining room with live beds full of unique plants and herbs that will be utilized on the menu and will help to connect guests to new ingredients as they're eating them. Our goal is to serve as a new kind of restaurant in Springfield and to offer a wholly unique experience for every guest that comes through our door.


We look forward to cooking for you. 

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