we are now offering a chef's choice 4 course menu for $40 per person

This can be served family style or individually plated



bread and butter------$4

 weekly bread selection with seasonal butter or spread

can be: v

is: vg

salad lyonnaise



dijonnaise Or herb vinaigrette, pickled onion, lardons, herbed croutons 

for a true Lyonnaise add a poached egg----$1

can be: v, vg, gf



hasselback sweet potato-----$6

roasted in brown butter and topped with crème fraiche and herbs

is: vg, gf


seasonal vegetable, rosemary béchamel, white cheddar, green onion

is: vg


Mushroom Lo mein------$12

house-made noodles, mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil

add a fried egg - $1

can be: v, VG 

Tagliatelle -----$14

with house-made sausage, onion, rosemary cream sauce and grana padano


Coq au Vin-----$15

leg or breast in a sauce of red wine, jowl bacon, mushrooms and aromatics, Served with ricotta risotto 

is: gf



Butternut tarte tatin---$5

Butternut squash cooked in caramel in a classic tarte crust with toasted meringue

is: vg


coffee and amaretto soaked focaccia, sweet mascarpone cream, grated chocolate 

is: vg

v = vegan

vg = vegetarian

gf = gluten free

now for the fine print

we do our best to accommodate all dietary restrictions, but we cannot guarantee some allergens have not come into contact with your food. while we're on the subject, we want to remind you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness