we're located inside The Artisan's Oven bakery at 206 E Commercial Street Springfield MO 65803



Thursday - Sunday 5pm-10pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am-3pm



 croque MONSIEUR---$8

  country sourdough, smoked ham, gruyere, dijonnaise.

 croque MADAME---$9

  same as the Monsieur with a fried egg on top


 croque BATArd---$10

 lovechild of the Madame and a Cuban. same as the madame with

 onion, pickle and a little extra pork and mustard inside


 until we run out. on ciabatta with mustard and herb gremolata. 



 leafy greens with croutons, pickled

 onion, herb vinaigrette


 seasonal vegetable, bechamel, white cheddar, chive



Sicilian ice cream


brioche bun, seasonal ice cream, gelato or sorbet




bread and butter------$4

 weekly bread selection with seasonal butter or spread

salad lyonnaise



dijonnaise, pickled onion, pork belly, herbed croutons 

for a true Lyonnaise add a poached egg----$1



seasonal vegetable, béchamel, white cheddar, chive



ricotta gnocchi-----$11

Rosemary béchamel, roasted mushrooms, spicy greens, grana padano


Tagliatelle al Ragu-----$12

handmade tagliatelle with a pork and tomato ragu, finished with grana Padano


Coq au Vin-----$15

leg or breast braised with red wine, aromatics and jowl bacon. Served with a side of mascarpone risotto.



carrot tarte tatin---$5

with lemongrass meringue


coffee and rum soaked focaccia, sweet mascarpone cream, red wine fluff, grated chocolate, grated black walnut